Ring Van Möbius – Commissioned Works Pt II – Six Drops of Poison LP


01. The 1st Chapter: Elements, including a) In Awe, b) The Portrait
02. The 2nd Chapter: The Fire (pt I)
03. The 3rd Chapter: Moments and Movements, including a) The Questioning, b) Circles & Crosses, c) The Drifting (pt I)
04. The 4th Chapter: Through Oceans of Glass
05. The 5th Chapter: When Man Becomes Wolf
06. The 6th Chapter: Hex
07. The 7th Chapter: An Ending, including a) The Transfer, b) The Knife
08. The 8th Chapter: A Darker Poison, including a) The Dawn, b) Colossal
09. The 9th Chapter: The Echoes, including a) The Drifting (pt II), b) Directions
10. The 10th Chapter: Paradoxal Fate, including a) The Eyes, b) The Drifting (pt III), c) The Cosmic Hour
11. The 11th Chapter: The Nine, including a) The Fire (pt II), b) A Nonagon in Eight
12. The 12th Chapter: The Conclusion, including a) Astray, b) The Finale

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In the spring of 2021, Ring van Möbius was approached by performer and choreographer Harald Beharie to write the music for his next solo performance. This honorable task started a collaborative process involving various artists with different artistic expressions, culminating in January 2022 with the premiere of “Batty Bwoy” in Dansens Hus in Oslo, Norway. The project was soon nominated for the Norwegian Critics Association Prize 2022.

“This album, however, is not the actual soundtrack for the finalized commissioned work itself, rather a reflection of the early visions; spontaneous reactions and a starting point for further collaboration” according to the band, “Being an independent body of work based on our early initial musical ideas, this can be referred to as loosely inspired by, but not limited to, the original concept by Harald Beharie.”

A demo recording was soon produced; a recording of said initial ideas, which became a point of reference, taking the material in a certain direction, but also the starting point for this album, taking it in another direction, further developed solely by Ring van Möbius. Hence, emerging from a common musical source material came three similar but different works. Firstly, the demo recordings, secondly the musical outcome of this commissioned work, and thirdly this very album. This is the fully developed Ring van Möbius version, this is “Commissioned Works pt II: Six Drops Of Poison”

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Ring Van Möbius


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