Datarock – Media Consumption Pyramid CD


01. Armadillo Pt. II
02. Heart Shaped Circle
03. Metaverse
04. Rabbit Hole
05. DiscoBedience
06. Tick Tock
07. Video Store
08. Aeon Flux
09. Digital Life
10. Double Vision (Physical media bonus track)
11. Armadillo Pt. I

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Formed in Bergen, Norway back in 2000, DATAROCK made a huge splash across multiple media in different formats. Their music was not only massively embraced by the dance-punk community, but also widely used across multiple platforms.

Their breakthrough single “Computer Camp Love” placed at #88 on Rolling Stone’s “100 Best Songs of 2007” – and their debut ended up scoring the 36th Best Album of the Year in the era’s preeminent music bible – NME.

While easily recognized for their coordinated matching track suits, Datarock did not rely on a shtick for attention. Instead, as All Music Guide lauds, “Datarock doesn’t use humour as a crutch but instead as a coat rack, so to speak, to hang their excellent productions on… they appear capable of spinning virtually any musical idea into gold.”

DATAROCK’s new album Media Consumption Pyramid brings together seven members of the core Datarock “collective” who have all been part of the band at one time or another, but never together at the same time. Convening for a few summer festivals last year, Datarock’s current line-up of seven members now share the stage for the very first time.

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