Ocean of Lotion – LouiLouiLoui LP


01. I Knew I Was in Love Again
02. Rejection
03. Made in Taiwan
04. I Don’t Only Have Eyes for You
05. Cats in Space on Synthesizers
06. Skinny White Pants
07. Crocodile
08. 7/11
09. Crime Cruise
10. Aphrodite

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If you remember Ocean of Lotion’s synth rock bonanza “Dive In”, you’re in for a treat! And if you don’t remember Ocean of Lotion’s synth rock bonanza, “Dive In”, you’re still in for a treat!

Do you wanna dance?? You will soon! In October, Ocean of Lotion’s highly anticipated album “LouiLouiLoui” makes its grand entrance into reality. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the band or new to their work, this album is guaranteed to captivate you from start to finish.

It’s a crazy box of mixed chocolates, with something for everyone. There will be fresh music videos and singles dropping (dripping!) from the band’s Lotion bottle, from May until mid Autumn. So, stay tuned, dive in, and let Ocean of Lotion’s musical world wash over you once again!

Limited edition LP on Red vinyl (300x)

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